Used Lapex BCS LipoLaser
Lapex BCS LipoLaser Machine


a safe, painless and completely
non-invasive treatment for spot
fat reduction and inch-loss

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Enjoy the confidence that comes with purchasing a reconditioned product from the ONLY authorized supplier and service centre for the Lapex BCS LipoLaser in North America. As the ONLY Manufacturer-Certified Training Certification Group in North America, YOLO includes 8-hour, on-location Training and Certification with every Used Inventory purchase, and has Doctors on staff to continue post-purchase clinic education and support. In addition, all YOLO Medical Inc. Reconditioned Products include a Manufacturer-supported warranty - serviced solely with OEM parts (only available through YOLO Medical Inc.) and further includes YOLO's Loaner-Guarantee if the unit is down for an extended period of time...LEARN MORE »


We often hear the term "It just takes one person...". Unfortunately that individual now exists within the medical and aesthetic laser market. From unfounded claims to improper business practice, Jamie Fettig's laundry list has unfortunately grown and is inconsistent with the ethics and professionalism of the industry, in our opinion.

With this morality in mind, YOLO Medical Inc. will not use its established position within the laser industry to engage in an involved dialogue about Fettig's character, but does feel compelled to inform existing and potential members of the medical and aesthetic community...READ COMPLETE ALERT »
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